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May 2016

The start of May has been wonderfully warm and sunny. The trees are greening up and hundreds of birds are busily nesting all around the farm in their favourite locations. As members of Natural Mid Wales, we are hosting a social/information open day in just over a week so lots of tidying up is in progress. We expect several wildlife experts to be on hand for walks and talks around the various habitats we have created on the farm. We are hoping for a really interesting afternoon.

The most enchanting goat kids have been born in the last few weeks. Boer goats are very friendly and quite placid. Ours go around in a herd and head for home at night for food. We have 3 males for sale if anyone is interested.

January 2016

Ray Mears and his team filmed part of this TV programme at Nannerth. It was broadcast earlier this month. Take a look 

July 2015

New additions to the poultry are making themselves at home and have settled in well. Guinea fowl chicks hatched successfully under a Buff Orpington and make a nice little flock - they are much happier in a flock rather than ones or twos. A pair of Silver Appleyards, a pair of black and white call ducks and a pair of Silver Laced Sebrights were recently bought at Hereford Poultry Auction and are very tame and friendly.

Andre is busy servicing the haymaking equipment in the hope we can get some hay made soon. Several hot sunny days are what's needed. Trees planted last year on the hill are struggling against the bracken which is very tall and requires hacking down to give the young trees the light and space they need to thrive. An ongoing job and Andre can only manage a couple of hours here and there so we are very grateful to Matthew who has done several days of exhausting work to control the bracken.

May 2015

Andre phone pics May 15 145 small.jpg

Sorry, April passed by in a blur due to lambing, kidding, puppies, Easter visitors and gorgeous weather.

We now have 4 beautiful Boer kids, 3 girls and 1 boy. They have good markings and are strong and healthy. They play on the logs and spring about giving us endless amusement and entertainment - there are some pictures on our Nannerth Country Holidays Facebook page.

We visited the Spring Fair at the Royal Welsh Showground today to see some champion Boers and are firmly convinced that ours are just as good. Cari's 6 puppies have all flown the nest and are spread around the uk with their new owners. We were sad to see them all go but we are getting news of their progress and gorgeous pictures of them.

The summer visiting birds are here again in force, redstarts and pied flycatchers busy nesting in the woods, and farmyard swallows and house martins are back to their regular spots in the barns and outbuildings.

March 2015

We are revving up for Easter, for lambing and to welcome our Easter holiday guests, most of whom have been here on numerous occasions over the last 10 to 20 years! It will be lovely to see everyone again. Lambing is just starting now and we have 2 lambs. By the beginning of the school holidays there should be quite a few, so we are hoping the weather stays as good as now with sunny dry days. We are also expecting some goat kids, but not sure how many yet, so we are very excited.

Cari's 6 puppies thriving and wanting to explore outside like little dervishers..

Andre has almost finished installing a hot tub in the Granary garden for the use of guests staying there.  We are intending to make it look very pretty (rather than glam) which is more in the style of our facilities here. Rather a race against time to get it up and running in time along with the improvements to the games room!  So what's new? I hear you saying...

January 2015

Happy New Year to you all.  We have a cold spell on us now and the livestock, poultry and garden plants are all feeling the cold.  Our biomass boiler is keeping the cottages warm for winter visitors though so those of you booked for January or February will be warm and cosy. For the next couple of weeks Andre will be busy refitting the Tollant with a new bathroom. The new style bathroom in the Loft has been a great success so we plan to add a bath, new shower over, loo and washbasin in the Tollant. A solid oak floor will go down, much in keeping with the rest of the fittings.

December 2014

In addition to our 3 female Boer goats, Flop (matriarch), Flavia (big sister) and Millie (little sister) we now have Twister a 100% Boer buck from South Wales. He is very friendly and easy to manage and we are hoping we will have some progeny in the Spring.

Farming is ever more complicated with penalties now for having too many trees! Would you believe it, they want us to preserve biodiversity and protect trees and hedges, then proceed to penalise us for letting the woods grow. Our sheep get valuable shelter from the trees and they the birds, mammals and insects with good habitat.

Autumn has been amazingly warm with flowers still out and lots of grazing for the sheep. Let's hope for a kind winter.


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