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Sustainability and Green Holidays

Latest...the first 2 thousand trees we planted are growing well and looking lovely. The others are higher on the hill and smaller, so battling the bracken to give them a chance....

A Sustainable Green Holiday, Powys, Mid Wales

At Nannerth Country Holidays we aim to run our business in a sustainable way which means not taking out more than we put in and not damaging or depleting natural resouces. We first entered the Green Tourism Business Scheme in 2013 and were very pleased to be awarded the top Gold award.

We first came to Nannerth Fawr Farm 25 years ago and have been working since then to create a successful farm and holiday business within a biodiverse environment where wildlife can thrive.  The farm has very special areas which include traditional flower rich hay meadows, sessile oak woods, river margins and the wetlands we have created.  These areas are home to many wildlife and plant species and we manage these organically in order to maintain healthy sheep flocks and a healthy natural environment. We have recently planted 8000 trees to create new native woodland for fuel, recreation, shelter for livestock and habitat improvement.

Guests who choose Nannerth will enjoy a truly sustainable green holiday and we hope you will experience this on the farm, in the holiday cottages and the local area.  To see baby Barn Owls sitting at dusk on an oak tree branch, to see brilliant stars in the dark night sky and to see the sparkling colours of a Southern Hawker hovering over the water are magical experiences.

Our sustainable tourism practices include:
•Bringing redundant farm buildings back into use
•Restoration and repair of holiday cottages and buildings using reclaimed and locally sourced materials
•High levels of insulation
•Solar hot water panels, PVs, a biomass district heating system and logs from the farm provide most of the heating, hot water and energy.
•As far as possible using 'green' cleaning products
•Activities provided on the farm to reduce car use
•Providing bikes for guests to borrow
•Recycling actively encouraged
•Energy efficient white goods and light bulbs used

Our sustainable farming practices include:
•Farming organically
•Keeping the land healthy
•Promoting biodiversity
•Avoiding polluting the environment
•Keeping chemical use to a minimum